ZOLA Infinity

The World's
Most Advanced
Power System

Infinity is a power management technology that integrates solar power and energy storage with power from the grid and a generator to deliver Power Anywhere at the lowest price over a lifetime.

Infinity was designed to meet the specific needs of users with unreliable grid power. Designed in California, Infinity is the first lithium-ion battery-based hybrid power system explicitly designed for emerging markets.

With Infinity installed, the power grid becomes simply a secondary source of power.

With modular design, Infinity can operate and deliver value with as little as one BOX but allows for the connection of multiple BOXES to meet any size of power or energy storage need. By changing the number of INFINITY BOXES and INFINITY SOLAR PANELS.


Integrated Power System

Offset consumption of electricity from the grid or generator to minimize electricity costs for for users with reliable but expensive electricity service

Smart Power

INFINITY automatically monitors, manages, and communicates its own performance to make power solutions easier to manage. It manages itself so you don’t have to.

Upgradable Power

INFINITY can be configured and later upgraded for specific energy and POWER uses so that a customer receives what they need from their POWER solution.

Power For Life

INFINITY uses long living technology backed by warranty so that a customer can receive cost effective power over the product lifetime.


INFINITY is built on a technology platform that incorporates both proprietary and world-class technology.

INFINITY delivers POWER in a way that no other system can with Parallel Power Production.

This unique architecture delivers unparalleled value to the customer.




  • Power and Energy
  • Rated voltage – 230V
  • Rated frequency – 50Hz
  • Number of phases – 1
  • Continuous power per PRIMARY – 1.2kVA
  • Surge power per PRIMARY – 1.8kVA
  • Continuous power/XTRA (Ix2) – 0.6kVA
  • Surge power/XTRA (Ix2) – 0.9kVA
  • Continuous power/Xxtra (Ix4) – 1.2 kVA
  • Surge power/Xtra (Ix4) – 1.8kVA
  • Rated power/ panel – 325W
  • Rated energy/Primary & XTRA – 2.3kWh
  • Solar photovoltaic panels
  • Maximum rated DC Power: 325W
  • MPPT voltage range: 27 to 45 V

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