ZOLA Electric

Power Anywhere

Designed in California, ZOLA Electric’s products are engineered to provide Clean 24 Hour Power Anywhere.




ZOLA Infinity IP4

ZOLA INFINITY is an Integrated Power System (IPS) that incorporates solar power, energy storage, and power from the grid to deliver reliable 24-HOUR POWER anywhere at the lowest possible cost. INFINITY delivers kilowatts of clean AC power, scalable to any customer demand. INFINITY seamlessly protects its users from voltage spikes and grid power cuts, always ensuring a safe and steady electricity supply delivered from a combination of solar panels, lithium battery, and the power grid.

  • Never interrupted
  • Easy to manage and maintain
  • Customized for your specific needs
  • Cost-effective over the product lifetime



ZOLA FLEX is a plug-and-play, connected, solar and storage hybrid power system. Leveraging optimized design and ultra-efficient appliances, ZOLA FLEX can power the essentials of life 24 hours a day at a price anyone can afford.

Designed in California, ZOLA FLEX does not compromise on quality despite its affordability. Every system includes a powerful lithium battery designed to last thousands of cycles and is tested to international safety and reliability standards.