ZOLA Electric

CUSTOMER FIRST is a core value in ZOLA. This drives us to be connected with the customers we serve and design the next generation of power solutions that add value to our customers lives – today and into the future. With a reliable and sustainable power supply from ZOLA, our customers can extend the productive hours of each day, stay connected with mobile internet and enjoy the comfort and convenience of modern power appliances. Fair finance with PayGo makes ZOLA’s range of power solutions accessible for every rung of the energy ladder – from rural off-grid areas to urban cities – so that anyone, anywhere can access power, light, internet & TV.

Meet Our Customers

Nyamwezi Primary School, Kagera, Tanzania

As teachers, we believe that power constraints should not make us unable to provide quality education to our boys and girls. With ZOLA systems in our school, we can now help our students to join the global world with internet connectivity and TV. The bright lights provide security and help our students keep learning into the evening.

INFINITY – Powering Business in Lagos, Nigeria

ZOLA’s INFINITY power system is designed to deliver reliable 24-hour power for businesses wherever they are. INFINITY power systems ensure that businesses can rely on the tools they need to drive growth and stay connected. In the megacity of Lagos, Nigeria, ZOLA’s INFINITY power system is ensuring commercial enterprise can operate around the clock – with reliable office tools: computers, servers, routers, and 24-hour internet connectivity – despite unreliable power from the grid.

Digna Mwanga

Digna Mwanga, Mrombo, Arusha, Tanzania

Before I had a ZOLA power system, running my health clinic always felt limited. I would have to close in the evenings – when people needed me the most. But since joining ZOLA, powering the clinic has never been easier. The bright reliable lights and power supply mean we can extend our operating hours and help serve more patients every day. When I return home, I am full of joy. We can now do everything. It is so nice to no longer be restricted by power cuts. My ZOLA FLEX system guarantees bright lights and television entertainment for me and my family all night long

INFINITY at Home, Nigeria
24-hour power that will change your life. Introducing ZOLA INFINITY – an advanced power solution that uses free solar power, the grid or generator power, then stores that power so you have consistent, reliable 24- hour power with no interruptions, at the lowest cost. INFINITY powers a modern, comfortable lifestyle – and delivers savings on your power bills – with renewable solar power.

Lightness Senyael Ayo, Akheri, Arusha Tanzania

Power cuts don’t stress me anymore. With ZOLA I get an equal opportunity. I can power my shop whenever I choose – early in the morning or into the night. With bright lights I can properly assist my customers to make the right purchase decision – I’m increasing my income every day. At the same time, I can keep across news, music and current events with my ZOLA Radio. Always informed and always on top of my business!

ZOLA FLEX at Home, Nigeria
With a FLEX power system ZOLA customers can generate their own free power from solar – or use the grid as backup. FLEX stores solar or grid power in its long-lasting lithium batteries which can then used to power appliances – TVs, Fans, Boombox or Hair Clippers. ZOLA customers love the modern design, easy to install plug and play system, that helps to save on power costs.

Elibarick Mollel, Masai Market, Arusha Tanzania

The peak hours for selling art here at the Maasai market have always been early in the morning or at the end of the day. This used to be a real problem for me – and my fellow shopkeepers – without reliable light we’re forced to shut down early. But with my ZOLA power system, that is no longer a problem. I can extend my trading hours with reliable, bright lights so my customers can view art into the evening. The ZOLA radio keeps us jamming too!

Vida Norsi, Kumasi, Ghana

It’s really exciting to use ZOLA products- they’re helping me to reduce my expenses on electricity bills. I’ve even been able to save a little more to help my family. The product is the best – it makes me feel safe and secure to have light and power I can rely on. I can keep my business open – even when there is lights out – and I can be safe.

Arusha Girls High School, Tanzania

The future is female. The education of women and girls is pivotal to a bright future. Without reliable power, it is hard to utilize educational tools: light, internet connectivity and communication. Arusha Girls High School decided to make power a priority. In partnership with Tanzanian superstar Vanessa Mdee and the Udada Foundation, ZOLA Electric helped to #LightUpArushaGirlsHigh. Now more than 200 students have access to reliable power for internet connectivity and light to study into the evenings.

Asari Emmanuel, Kumasi, Ghana.

My ZOLA product is very reliable and I can still make sales whenever there is “dumso“ or lights out. The bright lights attract customers to my shop. My friends and customers also come to watch the football and shows on my TV. This is making me very popular in the neighborhood!

Florence Ampofo, Nhyiaeso, Kumasi-Ghana

Thanks to the reliable power supply with our ZOLA system, my family can keep themselves entertained all night. It is so nice to have peace at home as the family comes together to enjoy themselves with our ZOLA FLEX TV. The bright security light also means that our home feels safe and secured. I must confess ZOLA has been a great help keeping our home powered up.

Daina Adoma, Atonsu, Kumasi-Ghana

My ZOLA Flex system means that whenever there’s a power cut, my children are still able to play and read in the evening. I can see that reliable light at night is helping to improve their reading and writing skills at school. I am very proud of my children – ZOLA products are the best!