ZOLA Electric
Africa is leading the world’s transition to sustainable energy with decentralized renewable power. ZOLA’s power solutions now make it possible for homes and businesses across Africa and anywhere in the world to generate, store and consume energy sustainably. The economic potential of businesses and communities worldwide will be unleashed with access to clean, reliable 24-hour power that is assured by ZOLA’s leading technology. And economics isn’t the only thing that stands to gain -- energy access significantly improves the health, education, financial inclusion, women’s empowerment and environmental outcomes of those who have it.


ZOLA Electric powers 1 million people

Tons of CO2 Offset Yearly

ZOLA Electric ensures a clean, safe and affordable alternative to fossil fuels

kW of solar installed

Sustainable energy drives economic empowerment


Developing countries shoulder a disproportionate amount of air pollution, which lead to an estimated 6.5 million premature deaths each year, according to the International Energy Agency.  One major reason for this reality is the widespread use of diesel generators that create significant air pollution. ZOLA’s power systems harness clean, infinitely renewable solar power. The wide-scale adoption of distributed solar power systems is critical to displace diesel generators and avoid the health and environmental harm that they cause.


Energy is an essential tool to facilitate educational outcomes. Access to the internet and the incredible educational resources available online are impossible without power. A fully charged mobile phone and access to television are critical to nurture curiosity and social connections. Reliable lighting means safety, security and more productive hours in the evening. ZOLA is proud to partner with the Arusha Girls High School in Tanzania, where ZOLA power systems are helping to expand educational opportunities.

Women's Empowerment

Women bear the brunt of energy poverty. Air pollution from diesel generators, kerosene lamps and wood-fired cooking disproportionately impacts women, who are often responsible for their household’s cooking and heating needs. Access to power can dramatically improve women’s well-being as well as their financial and social status. The internet, mobile communications and television can play a key role in empowering women and girls by exposing them to new social norms and sources of information. Reliable power can help female entrepreneurs build their businesses, generate income and establish financial independence and autonomy.


By generating renewable power from the sun, ZOLA’s power systems help customers reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. Each new household using our power solutions keeps 140 kg of carbon dioxide and 1.45 kg of black carbon from being emitted into the atmosphere every year. Diesel generators in Nigeria alone produce about 29 million metric tons of CO2 each year – equivalent to roughly 6.3 million passenger vehicles. ZOLA power systems are designed to make diesel generators redundant by generating clean reliable power from the sun.

Financial Inclusion

50% Sub-Saharan Africa is unbanked or lacks access to fair credit. This means that many are excluded from conventional financial instruments – they are unable to borrow to buy a home or grow their businesses, buy land or invest in their future. ZOLA’s power systems are made accessible through the ‘Pay-As-You-Go’ (PAYGo) model. Users pay a deposit, ZOLA installs the power system and the remaining capital cost is paid over a flexible term, often 2-3 years. This reduces the risk – customers can pay off the cost of a power system with their existing energy outlay and then use free solar energy to reduce energy costs.

Safety and Security

Safety and security is something many take for granted – but security at night remains a fundamental concern for countless people. When the sun goes down, there is no escape from the dark without bright, reliable lighting. But many have few options available beyond kerosene lamps and disposable flashlights. Access to bright, reliable light is a key reason many ZOLA customers invest in a power system they can rely on. ZOLA uses high-quality LEDs with high lumen output for bright, long-lasting light and the security it provides.

Energy access & business

Reliable energy is critical for entrepreneurs to power their businesses. The internet, mobile communications and power for computers, machines, appliances, light and entertainment are essential for every business. Clean, cost-effective and reliable power is helping businesses serve more customers, expand trading hours, build their brand and diversify into new services and income-generating opportunities.

Energy Access Partners


ZOLA Electric’s industry, impact investment and development partners include Power Africa, USAID, FMO, the Entrepreneurial Development Bank, African Development Bank, the Global Off-Grid Lighting Association, Sustainable Energy For All and Power for All.

GOGLA Consumer Protection Code: ZOLA is a contributor to the development of the GOGLA Consumer Protection Code and is committed to the Code’s principles of safeguarding impacts and respecting the rights of consumers.

OECD Guidelines: ZOLA commits to the principles for responsible business conduct as laid out in the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises, ensuring its operations are in harmony with government policies, striving to strengthen the basis of mutual confidence with the societies in which it operates, seeking to improve the foreign investment climate and promoting contributions to sustainable development.