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Frequently Asked Questions

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ZEGHA is a Joint-Venture between ZOLA Electric and EDF France (Electricité de France) to provide solar energy solutions to residential and commercial customers in Ghana.

Who are ZOLA Electric?

ZOLA ELECTRIC is a Silicon Valley startup that pioneered ay-as-you-go financing to deliver clean, affordable and reliable solar power to residential and commercial customers regardless if they live off-grid or are connected to weak, intermittent grid electricity. Designed in California, ZOLA’s distributed solar photovoltaic power generation + smart storage systems democratize energy access so anyone, anywhere can make, store and consume sustainable power. The energy access landscape around the developing world is changing rapidly. The widespread adoption of ZOLA’s power solutions means that homes and businesses can now access power wherever they are, no matter their specific situation.

What is EDF?

EDF: (Electricité De France) N ° 1 Renewable Energy Company in Europe. Leader in Europe in various fields such as energy, gas and nuclear energy.

Where does ZOLA Electric operate?

ZOLA ELECTRIC operates across East and West Africa – in Nigeria, Ghana, Côte d’Ivoire, Rwanda and Tanzania. ZOLA ELECTRIC’s research and development lab is located in San Francisco, California, USA. ZOLA’s corporate headquarters are in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

How did ZOLA Electric start?

In 2012, Erica Mackey, Joshua Pierce and Xavier Helgesen met at the University of Oxford. After graduating from the Oxford MBA program, they co-founded ZOLA ELECTRIC to tackle the developing world’s energy access problem with thoughtful and sustainable design, engineering and business practices. Financial technology innovations such as pay-as-you-go financing and mobile money, combined with the falling costs of solar photovoltaic panels and lithium-ion batteries, open the possibility of a cutting-edge solution for energy insecurity.

The team spent years living and working in Tanzania to develop a practical understanding of the African energy landscape. They applied these learnings to build affordable and accessible distributed renewable energy systems that meet the specific needs of Africans.

Who are ZOLA Electric's investment and advisory partners?

ZOLA ELECTRIC has investment and advisory support from a broad range of impact and energy majors investors like Tesla, General Electric, EDF Energy, DBL Ventures, Helios Investment Partners, Omidyar Network, Total, FMO entrepreneurial development bank, responsAbility, SunFunder and the U.S. Agency for International Development. Learn more about ZOLA ELECTRIC’s investors at www.zolaelectric.com/about-us.

For how many people does ZOLA Electric provide clean power today?

ZOLA ELECTRIC has installed more than 200,000 solar photovoltaic power + smart energy storage systems and serves more than 1 million users around the world each day.